Lost and Found

Moving Preparations and an All-Knowing God

Posted on August 20, 2015

LOST AND FOUND: Keys to the car-top carrier.

2 days before driving from Idaho to Alberta with 3 small children, Brett misplaced the keys to the locked carrier. Instead of packing up, we spent a whole day looking for keys. Everywhere. We finally stopped to pray.

As we prayed, God brought to mind the back of the car. I mentioned it to Brett, and he went and looked, even though he had already checked there a number of times. Sure enough, tucked away in a side pocket in the back were the missing keys.

LOST AND FOUND: Husky Mechanic’s Case.

We were in Home Depot. The computer said there were 6 of them, and we needed one that day to put in our shipment of goods to the Congo. They weren’t on the shelf. There wasn’t even a tag for them. We looked up and down the rows. We checked the numbers on all the bulk storage boxes up above. Nothing. I began grumbling in my head about how much time it would waste if we had to look elsewhere for this case.

As we stood there in the aisle, God brought to mind the missing keys from the week before. “You’re right, Jesus. Forgive my lack of faith. You know where the case is. Please help us find it.” Not 10 seconds later, the Home Depot man spotted the box way down an aisle, at the very top of a shelf we had already checked. It was so high up, Brett couldn’t even read the numbers on it. But God could.

LOST AND FOUND: Drill bit.

We needed to drill holes on our Congo shipment bins so we could zip-tie them shut. The bit had been kicking around all day…until it came time to drill the holes late that night. Then it was nowhere to be found. Go figure.

My dad grabbed Brett’s shoulder and said, “Well? What’s the problem? Don’t you think God knows where it is?” He prayed. He looked up. There, in an awkward, hard to see, out-of-the-way spot, was the bit.


Katie was hysterical. She had fallen asleep beside Dad, while Mommy was IN the room. And now, when she woke up, Mommy was NOT IN the room. Tears streaming down her cheeks, Katie asked Dad, “Where is Mommy?!” “I don’t know,” Dad replied, “but we can ask Jesus! He knows right where she is!”

They snuggled together and started to pray…but before the words even started, the door opened, and in walked Mommy. Wonder and amazement were written all over Katie’s face. “Jesus knew where you were, Mommy! And He brought you here! Daddy hadn’t even started to pray yet!”

We serve an All-Knowing God.