Spotlight on Katie!

Nampa, Idaho

Posted on June 25, 2015

Introducing Katie!

To keep you up to date on what’s going on with each of us, we will occasionally showcase a member of the family. So because Katie is just…well…Katie, she’s up first!

Twirly Pink Dress

Name: Katie Hannah Renee Reierson

Age: 4

Birthday: March 23


Personality: Fun, spunky, makes friends easily, emotional roller coaster, instigator, always moving/falling/crashing/banging…etc, volume control is stuck on LOUD, responds beautifully to reverse psychology, super snuggly in the middle of the night, oblivious, wiggly, keeps life from being boring!

Definitely Not Boring

Current Favorites: Dollies (specifically, giving birth to them), riding her bike as fast as she can, hanging out with Lauren, playing house, pretty dresses that twirl big, eating cucumbers by the handful

Beautiful Girl

Recent funny saying: “But mom! Lauren and I want to play house so we NEED a husband! And we want Joel to be our husband, but he won’t let us kiss him! We HAVE to kiss him to make him our husband and then we can play house!!”


(Run Joel, run!)