The Ants Go Marching

Three Springs, Spokane, Washington

Posted on April 29, 2015

“Joel and Katie! Come look at this!”

Fascinated, we followed a long line of ants snaking their way up a steep hill. They came from somewhere in the woods, up the steep hill, across a road (where we found a number of casualties from unsuspecting vehicles), along a fallen tree, over a tarp, up another hill, across a path, and all the way up a tall pine tree. I was excited about this epic teaching moment on the diligence of ants and how hard they work. So, after watching the ants marching steadily both up and down the path for quite some time, I asked, “Well, kids? What do you think they’re doing?”

Katie: I think they’re having a tea party!

Joel: No, no, Katie! The frog and the turkey already had a tea party with some flies. The ants must be doing something else.

Not exactly how I pictured that conversation going.