Brett grew up in Calgary, Alberta, in a Christian family. He was the second of three boys, and enjoyed baseball, flying model airplanes, and going to a Christian kids’ camp. It was at camp where he realized that he could not just follow along on his parents’ faith, and at 14 he committed his life to Christ.

God drew Brett’s attention to mission aviation with a “MAF” magnet on his parents’ fridge. Brett studied aircraft structures and mechanics at SAIT in Calgary. Following this, God orchestrated a move to the small town of Three Hills, AB where he was able to study at Prairie School of Mission Aviation. There he obtained his maintenance license and completed his flight training, including Class 3 Instructor Rating and Single Engine IFR. Since then he has been gaining experience in Calgary as both a pilot and a M1/M2 certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in preparation for serving overseas.

Jaclyn also grew up in Calgary, and has one brother and two sisters. Her parents were involved in full time children’s ministry, and she gave her heart to Jesus at an early age. As she grew up, she saw God’s provision and faithfulness to her family in many ways. By the time she was a young teen, Jaclyn was convinced that God was enough to meet her own needs too. God placed in her a heart for missions and a desire to teach and disciple others. Jaclyn earned her Bachelor of Nursing degree after high school, and has enjoyed working in all aspects of maternity care, including teaching nursing for 3 years.

Brett and Jaclyn enjoyed working together for many summers at Camp Little Red in central Alberta before finally getting married in 2006. They have 3 precious children: Joel (2008), Katie (2011), and Levi (2013).

The Reierson family

We are living in the capital city of Kinshasa, located on the west side of the DR Congo in Africa. Kinshasha From that city, MAF flies goods and personnel to service the needs of missionaries and communities in rural locations.

Transportation is a HUGE issue in Congo. Decades of war and corruption have destroyed the infrastructure, and many roads and bridges are impassable. It can sometimes take weeks of driving between the largest cities in the country. The same distance can be flown in less than a day! Can you imagine the difference an airplane makes for say...transporting patients...or bringing relief food and water...or how about a short term team that can only be there for a month! We are so excited to be on a team that are serving the desperate needs in DR Congo.

Impassable roads

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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Every three minutes, somewhere in the world, an MAF plane takes off or lands, enabling and multiplying the effectiveness of relief and development agencies, missions, local churches and other national groups.

MAF multiplies the effectiveness of those we fly by making it possible for donations entrusted to partner agencies to be spent on immediate aid where it matters most, rather than on days of dangerous and costly overland travel.

You can find out more info about MAF by visiting the Canada site, mafcanada.ca or the USA site maf.org